I will be damned if I have a $30,000 Willie Wonka Themed Wedding? For what??

My fiance and I are firm believers that we are the ‘music makers’ and ‘dreamers of dreams’, which is why our dream wedding idea was to create a Willie Wonka themed wedding based on the original 1970s film that we still share a deep love for. So we began to plan and search to see what our options were and what ideas we could cultivate together to create our ideal perfect day.

Good gracious, you’d be surprised the amount of Wonka themed items you can find that could help us create a wedding that was themed for nostalgia – yet tasteful. The last thing I wanted was our wedding to resemble a Candy Land themed birthday party that threw up on an Alice & Wonderland themed wedding! From Wonka contracts as guest books, to golden ticket invitations and actual Oompa Loompas as servants with a flash mob, it was all becoming such a exciting project and reality!


However the more wonderful ideas we came up with, the larger our budget grew. And before we knew it, we were having a 100+ person wedding totaling $30,176. And that my friends is when I woke up and realized the reality of my big dreams would result in an even bigger financial hole in the start of our new lives together if we chose to go through with it. That may not seem like a lot for some, but as a Financial Coach as my day job, I’d be nutty out of this world.

And with a very loud ‘F#$% that!’, we decided to regroup. And through regrouping I was able to discover so many other great ideas that I am able to share with brides and grooms now that are cheap, tasteful, elegant, and fabulous. Did I mention fabulously cheap?

I want to help brides create their dream wedding regardless of budget and not have to look back at their special day with regrets because of poor decor or less tasteful design due to budget restraints. And the reality is, some of us regular folk can’t afford wedding coordinators and just need a guided plan, time, and materials to do the same beautiful wedding day creations people pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to receive. Both my fiance and I have tasteful, creative, and artistic eyes that create unique centerpieces, decor, favors, fashion, and games. And this is what I choose to share with the world 🙂

So through this blog you will find many things, including preset packages to create certain chic decor looks, themed ideas, and plenty of DIY that is modernly thrifty (that means it looks more expensive than the effort and tools used to create it). So follow along ladies and gentleman! And please let me know if you have been stumped with a particular wedding idea that you can’t find a cheaper solution for and I will create a blog just for on the wedding topic of your choice!

Until next time – stay fabulous!